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The Wedding Experience


Let's get excited! The week following your wedding I will send you & your family a lovely preview of your wedding. This is always the best because who wants to wait a long time to see some of their wedding photos? Then 5-6 weeks following your wedding day, you will receive your Wedding Gallery. YAY! Now the fun part, getting to go through all of your pretty photos & order prints & albums to fill your home. 

Let's hang out!

Gallery Delivery

The big day!


What this is all about! Documenting all of the fun moments of your BIG DAY. Prior to this we will sit down & work out all of the details & timeline with your planner so that you will have nothing to worry about on your Wedding Day & it will be the BEST DAY EVER. 


Now for the fun part! Your Engagement Session is COMPLEMENTARY. It doesn't get better than that. We will get you comfortable in front of the camera so on your wedding day it will be second nature. Also, what better than more photos of you. I like your engagement session to be an extension of you. So let's make this fun & at a location that is meaningful or pretty that you LOVE!

Engagement Session


Let's Meet! That is the first step. If you are local, we will grab coffee & I will go over everything you need to know. I love to answer your questions, as well as hear a little about you & your story. Where you met, what your dreams are for your wedding & what I can do to serve the two of you & your family best. Just think, I will spend more time with each of you on your wedding day than you will with each other, so I think its important to get to know you!

the wedding experience

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Engagement sessions are the perfect time to tell a little bit about your story. Lets choose a location that you love & may be personal to you. Your family land, the ice cream shop you had your first date at, somewhere you have always dreamed. We typically do 2 outfits, a formal & a casual that is more everyday you. YES bring your dog!

For your engagement or couple's session, we WILL get in the water if you're up for it! 

We will keep you and your significant other laughing and having fun... even if you're camera shy! 

Engagement photo deets

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Depending on the project 1-2 weeks following your session. For a Wedding it is typically 5-6 weeks!

how long will it take to get our photos delivered?

This is a tough question It's a great decision for couples who want to spend some quiet time together before the ceremony. If you're nervous, having a first look and seeing your partner is a great way to ease that feeling. It also allows so much flexibility for photos in a situation where your ceremony is later or the weather doesn't look great!

Do you recommend a "first look" on the wedding day?

My goal as a photographer is to capture raw emotion, to document what rings true to me, and more importantly what I believe will ring true to you. I want to tell stories through my work, and not just any story, but your story. I’m about people. I’m about connections. I’m about good vibes and positivity, and I want my clients to feel the same. Let me show you just how captivating you truly are.


I love people, so that is my first priority. Weddings, Families, Couples, Senior portraits, Branding photos & headshots. I have also worked with magazines & enjoy product photography as well. 

Do you photograph anything other than weddings?

Someone who likes to have a good time. Someone that is full of love, has a zeal for life, and isn’t afraid of breaking a few rules (i.e. jumping a few fences, driving 5 mph over the speed limit) It’s the person who sees the beauty in storytelling. The person who cares more about the relationships made and who they’re with rather than where they are. If you desire to have your story told through images that are meaningful and truthful, and you want to gain a friend in the process, then you’re my client.

Who is your ideal client?

NASHVILLE! I am based in Nashville, Tennessee but will absolutely travel anywhere you need me to. I spend almost half of my time in North Carolina shooting & have traveled all over the country for weddings!

I know you travel, but where is your home base?

You can expect at least 750 fully edited images from the day of. Depending on your coverage, I choose and curate a collection of images from your wedding day that tell the best story.

Do you deliver every image from our wedding?

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Wedding Day Coverage in the United States starts at $3500

For international weddings, contact for a custom quote


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