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Im a Nashville based, Carolina raised photographer & entrepreneur who has very big dreams. I love telling your story. I want my photographs to enable you to see far beyond yourself, and allow you to look back and know exactly how your felt in that moment. That guy to the left is my sweet husband & we have two fur babies we love. When i'm not shooting, you can probably find me trying to convince myself it is a good idea to work out, or binge watching netflix.

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June 1, 2024



Location, Location, Location! Family session locations in Nashville will make your session that much better. I always encourage families to be creative with their sessions. Make it unique to you. If you have a family property that is gorgeous or access to A unique location like farm in your family or something that tells the story of your family then let’s do it. Here are a few of my favorite locations in and outside of Nashville that make for beautiful family photos. From parks and lakes to high rises and hallways, here are my go-to locations in Music City.

Percy Warner Stairs – West Nashville

No matter what time of year this location has so much character. The stairs, and greenery in the summer, followed by so much foliage in the fall.  It also allows for sessions a little earlier if your little ones need to get to be early in the summer months.

Smith Park – Brentwood

No matter the time of year, this is one of my favorite locations, not only do you have Ravenwood Mansion, you have so many background options. The Brentwood Hills, the rolling fields, the Mansion & the trails. You cannot go wrong!

Nolensville Trails – Nolensville, Tennessee

Pedestrain Bridge – Downtown Nashville

I know everyone loves the Pedestrian Bridge so I had to add it to the list! It’s not without it’s challenges but it’s definitely possible and you can get some pretty cool shots if you know where to go. My favorite shooting spot is where I like to call “the forgotten side of the city.” We all know what I am talking about here. Where the Tennessee Titans play & thats about it. Well this is one of the best places to start. The Bridge Building (also an incredible wedding venue) is on this side & provides the perfect place to start. This also allows Us to end your session on top of the Pedestrian Bridge right when the light is perfect, providing the beautiful view of the skyline that everyone loves. If you aren’t into the bridge, there are so many other great spots around the city that we can explore that make for amazing sessions as well.


Downtown Nashville Engagement Session

Pedestrian Bridge Nashville

If you want to see a full session of the Pedestrian Bridge you can do so here!

Nashville Rooftop

I love this location, its an off the radar rooftop that is the perfect in between of NASHVILLE and urban feel!

Long Hunter State Park & Percy Priest

This is a little bit outside of the city limits but is a park that provides so many great options for your session. Long Hunter is off of Percy Priest Lake. If you are there the right time of year & the water is low, there are some huge rocks that are so pretty that walk out onto the the Lake. If you’re dying for a lake shoot, this park is a great option!! It has trails, nice trees, and gorgeous greenery while also having the beautiful lake with great light! Parking is a breeze and it’s never too crowded.

Downtown Franklin

Nashville Engagement Session Locations Franklin Tennesse Engagement Franklin Tennesse Engagement

Cornelia Airpark

In Nashville, this is such a fun & different place for an family session. With tall grass in the summer/fall. Cornelia is an old abandon airport that is now a greenway. It different & if you love to skateboard at all this is where we should go!

Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

I have recently started shooting here more & have really enjoyed the uniqueness you can get out of a session. A lot of times locations start looking the same but because Cheekwood is so big it gives you such a wide array of options to use as backdrops for your session. Cheekwood is beautiful year round, but does charge an admission fee. If you love the garden feel, this is definitely the place for you. Keep in mind: if you want to bring your fur baby along you cannot do that at this location.


You can see a full session at Cheekwood here!

The Park at Harlinsdale Farm

Back in Franklin again, the Park at Harlinsdale Farm is a more southern style for an engagement session. It is full of fields, barns & stables and perfect if you are looking for a southern feel. It is challenging on weekends and in September (due to the Pilgrimage Festival) but if you are flexible, it can be a beautiful location for your session. The sunsets here are absolutely stunning!


You can see more of Brandon & Alexis engagement session here & their cute fur babies!

Centennial Park

In the heart of Nashville this can be such fun location. Centennial Park has the Parthenon replica as well as the most gorgeous weeping willows. There is a lovely pond in the middle with bridges that make for gorgeous photos. It is often crowded on the weekends, so I encourage weeknight sessions here more than most places. I do a lot of family sessions here as well but it can make the perfect spot for a Nashville engagement session if its your style. It is also close to a few local breweries so if you are down for a couple fun photos at your favorite place, this can make for a great end to your session.

Of course these are not all of the location options in Nashville, and there are so many more that I love to shoot at as well. I would love to hear your Nashville Engagement Session favorites?

xo alli campbell



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