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Im a Nashville based, Carolina raised photographer & entrepreneur who has very big dreams. I love telling your story. I want my photographs to enable you to see far beyond yourself, and allow you to look back and know exactly how your felt in that moment. That guy to the left is my sweet husband & we have two fur babies we love. When i'm not shooting, you can probably find me trying to convince myself it is a good idea to work out, or binge watching netflix.

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September 5, 2023



As the sun rose I met Nate & Alison at  at Charlotte’s Freedom Park for their engagement session. As a photographer, sunrise shoots are my favorite. Minus the getting up early part. Usually there is no one around and the light is always stunning. This made for the perfect morning for their shoot, and we even had 4 bucks walk through the park before we started. What made this engagement photoshoot even more meaningful is my friendship with Alison. Arise (a NC based ministry) brought us together too many years ago to count, but it has been such a joy to be her friend over the years. We had walked alongside each other through life’s ups and downs, and it was a true joy to see her now embarking on this incredible journey of love with Nate!

Freedom Park provided the perfect backdrop.The serene setting, the shimmering lake, and the lush greenery and the Willows. The willows are my favorite. Nate and Alison’s love story is one of faith, friendship, and unwavering support. They have been each other’s rocks, lifting one another up in their times of need and celebrating life’s triumphs together. What makes this journey even more exciting is that I will have the honor of photographing their wedding in just a few short weeks. Nate and Alison’s engagement photoshoot was just a glimpse into their life and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. As they look ahead to their wedding day, I have no doubt that their love will continue to shine brightly. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to Nate and Alison’s wedding day!

So excited for their wedding! If you want to see another engagement session, check out Nicole & Connors uptown Charlotte session!

xo alli campbell



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The best tips for what to wear (and what to avoid) for your photoshoot! 

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