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Im a Nashville based, Carolina raised photographer & entrepreneur who has very big dreams. I love telling your story. I want my photographs to enable you to see far beyond yourself, and allow you to look back and know exactly how your felt in that moment. That guy to the left is my sweet husband & we have two fur babies we love. When i'm not shooting, you can probably find me trying to convince myself it is a good idea to work out, or binge watching netflix.

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July 9, 2021



When you know, you know. And these two knew! Andrew & Erika met in college at Belmont University! They lived in adjacent dorms and had a couple classes together. Pretty soon we were inseparable. As time kept on through school and life and relationships post-college, they lost touch for a little while and would text here and there. Andrew went to visit Erika in Orlando (where she was living at the time) briefly in 2017 for a work trip, and she didn’t hear from him again until this year, 2021. Erika called him out of the blue and they quickly started to rekindle their friendship and would talk on the phone daily.

A month ago, Erika told him that she was going to make him fall in love with her. That same week, he flew to Orlando to her just so that he could drive with her back to his home in Texas. Then again they we inseparable. Just one month after they’d seen each other for the first time since 2017, Andrew took Erika to the spot between their dorms where they used to sit and he’d sing and play guitar for her 9 years ago. He played a song, the got down on one knee and asked Erika to MARRY HIM!

It was so great meeting these two, I photographed their proposal & then we spent time wondering around Belmont following the proposal document this exciting time in their lives. Proposals are one of my favorite types of sessions! Planning with Andrew & then getting to surprise Erika! I asked them both what they are looking forward to the most about marriage & I love hearing what couples say. Here is what Andrew & Erika said:

Andrew: to be able to wake up to the girl I love every single day, have someone that relies on me that I can also rely on and trust with my whole life, I can hold her when she cries, laugh with her when she laughs, to see new things with her and experience the old again – but with her, excited to have the hottest wife out of anyone I know, to have kids because I know she’ll make a good mother because she’s so sweet to me and I know our kids will turn out alright, to look into her eyes everyday even as our faces change and fall more in love every time I see them, excited to flirt with her and make her giggle even when we’re old. I love Erika King more than anything in the world. Every moment with her is automatically better than any moment without. So I’m excited for all of it. She’s my treasure.

Erika: I’m excited to watch him grow as a partner, musician, and father someday. I’m excited for all the big moments — our wedding day, traveling, working toward our dreams together, raising our children. But I’m also excited for the small moments that bond us closer — inside jokes, silly accidents around the house, daily routines, brushing our teeth together, falling asleep next to each other, decorating the house for Christmas, singing on the couch. I’m excited to fall in love with him in different ways year after year. To merge our lives and live like we’re in our honeymoon phase til we’re 80.


This Belmont University proposal was to wonderful. It was so great being a part of this day with Andrew & Erika! I am looking forward to watching their love grow in the future! If you want to see our most recent wedding you can do so here with Laura & Andrew!

xo alli campbell




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